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dodano: 2016-11-29

The first train and the first tram

On Tuesday, the 29th of November  the first train entered Łódź Fabryczna railway station. It was a Łódź Commuter Rail (ŁKA) vehicle, which set off from Łódź Widzew station. The test was successful. Since then, the station has already received nearly 100 trains from PKP Intercity, Regional Services and the Łódź Commuter Rail (ŁKA) vehicles.
Earlier, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the first tram was tested on the newly-built line near the Łódź Fabryczna Station.

The tests have shown the technical capabilities of the railway station and the tram line. In the next few days days further tests are planned, for the railway, the tram and the bus. On the right side of the website, at the bottom of the column "View videos of the construction site", you can see the video shot by the manager of rail engineering, Tomasz Hildebrandt. The video shows the first test train at the station. more

dodano: 2016-11-02

Murals inside the Station

Modern systems of visual information, sound system and other systems at Łódź Fabryczna Station are tested and accepted right now. Colorful murals are painted in the building.... more

dodano: 2016-10-06

Kilińskiego Street opened

The New Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station is located in the city centre and is connected by various means of transport and roads with other city districts. The building is close to the important administrative, cultural and educational buildings, including: City Council, Marshal Office, Łódź Philharmonic Hall, theatres (Wielki, Jaracza, Nowy, Muzyczny), Łódź Community Centre, University of Łódź. That is why it is important for the city to have roads open for the traffic. The Kilińskiego Street, which is one of the most significant streets in the city is already open for the traffic, after years of renovation. The new tram tracks are built here, as well as new catenary system and new tram stops.... more

dodano: 2016-09-01

Technical acceptances and tests

On the 1st of September 2016 technical acceptances commenced at the construction site of the new Łódź Fabryczna station. The first tests of railway devices in the underground station were performed by PKP PLK in August already.... more

dodano: 2016-08-26

A few words about catenary system

Catenary system at Łódź Fabryczna Station is a rigid catenary system with voltage    3 kV. It is a kind of system used where there is no place to suspend a traditional catenary. Usually this kind of solution is used for tunnels an viaducts, because there is less space over the level of contact between a system and a trolley (pantograph). In closed spaces of a tunnel type the height of this space is usually smaller than in case of the conventional system.... more

dodano: 2016-08-09

Harmony in geometry

The internal architecture of the station is industrial and minimalist. It is made mostly of steel, stone and glass. Geometric shapes, mostly triangles, are a characteristic decorative element in the building and in its vicinity. They are used, among others, for particular construction elements, perforation or graphic design at suspended ceilings, at wall panels, platform roofs, and as an infill of meshed balustrades at footbridges on the southern side of the building. As a result, there is a continuity in the design of the building, as its roof is enclosed with 10 000 triangular panels. Simple geometric patterns are visible in many areas of the building, not only as decorative elements, but as constructional ones as well. Regular shapes and patterns create order of the space and give it organized and comprehensible quality. The architects used geometric themes inspired by cross structure of the roof to mark walls in the staircases at the level of car parks – each level of car park is marked with colorful triangular themes pointing to the exits. In the panoramic elevator graphic elements referencing industrial history of Łódź Fabryczna Station and the history of the place where the new building is located are visible – pictograms of cogs, and “Łódź Fabryczna” printed with a font that is modern, but referencing the look a neon at the old station had.... more

dodano: 2016-07-04

Fabryczna is passenger friendly

Preparations for technical handovers at the Fabryczna Station construction site are in progress. According to PKP PLK schedule, after multidisciplinary handovers, the first trains will leave the station in December. It is planned that over 100 drafts per day will enter the station; more than at the old station – the representatives of Investors: PKP PLK and City of Łódź informed at the Monday meeting with journalists.... more

dodano: 2016-06-16

City planners at the construction site

In June, city planners from various European cities visited the construction site of the new Fabryczna Station in Łódź. During their visit, they discussed how the buildings of city transport should be optimally introduced to the spatial structure in order to privilege foot traffic.... more

dodano: 2016-05-10

New net of tram and bus connections

Investments as multifunctional as Łódź Fabryczna Station generate a new network of connections in public transport. A net of tram and bus connections is being created along with the project, one which will allow the passenger to access the building quickly and will ease changing the means of transport. Construction of an infrastructure for that purpose is in progress. Its main elements are streets (Nowowęglowa and Nowotargowa with a system of ramps and overpasses), as well as tram trackages. A transfer node (stop) located on the level of POW St. will be of significance as well. There will be four 65-meter platforms for trams and buses. Two trams will be able to stop at one such platform, one after another. The platforms will be roofed with 30-meter canopy. The stop, just like whole Station, will be accessible for the disabled persons (there will be, among others, edge markings and access paths). The stop will be equipped with an electronic system of schedule information. Tram network will be connecting the streets: Kilińskiego, POW, Narutowicza, Nowowęglowa, Nowotargowa, and Tramwajowa.... more

dodano: 2016-04-05

Construction Site - April 2016

We welcome you to our Photo Gallery where you can find the most recent pictures from the construction site. Click here to go there: more

Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site