City planners at the construction site

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dodano: 2016-06-16

City planners at the construction site

In June, city planners from various European cities visited the construction site of the new Fabryczna Station in Łódź. During their visit, they discussed how the buildings of city transport should be optimally introduced to the spatial structure in order to privilege foot traffic.

Lately it has been a very important discussion, not only in Poland. In many places around the world the local governments try to focus more on needs of pedestrians and bikers, according to the rule that the city should put the people first, not the vehicles.

Some cities managed to do so and they are considered to be good examples. An example many refer to is Copenhagen, in which the authorities managed to transform the area dominated by car traffic into a city with numerous areas of foot and bike traffic. Łódź promotes bike traffic as well, and numerous actions connected with it from past few months prove it.

The new Fabryczna station follows this philosophy. Construction of an underground station serves to free the space on the surface from railway infrastructure that until now divided the city.  In vicinity of the Station, in the northwest part there is a city traffic node (tram stop, bus lane). The whole structure will be surrounded by pedestrian areas. There will be parking places one-track vehicles at the station. Car traffic has been moved into the eastern side exclusively.

Prof. Anna Geppert from Town and Regional Planning Institute of the Sorbonne University said that the building of new Fabryczna Station is remarkable. She compared it to the station Gare de Lille- Europe. Marton Czirfusz of Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest said that it is his second visit to the construction site; he said that the works progress is impressive. He agreed that in many cities the authorities struggle with traffic problems, but maybe a discussion, so lively in the media, will improve the situation.

The construction has been seen by the planners and urban planning experts from, among others, Israel, Greece, Germany, and from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and University of Łódź.

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