A few words about catenary system

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dodano: 2016-08-26

A few words about catenary system

Catenary system at Łódź Fabryczna Station is a rigid catenary system with voltage    3 kV. It is a kind of system used where there is no place to suspend a traditional catenary. Usually this kind of solution is used for tunnels an viaducts, because there is less space over the level of contact between a system and a trolley (pantograph). In closed spaces of a tunnel type the height of this space is usually smaller than in case of the conventional system.

A benefit of rigid catenary is its smaller failure rate (the wires are not being broken), which results in improved security of the users.

Station in Łódź and its tunnel are currently second closed building in Poland that uses rigid catenary, after the tunnel in the place called Tunnel (poviat miechowski, voivodship małopolskie). It should be noted that the solution is becoming more popular in the municipal tram infrastructure (used, among others, at the tram line along W-Z track in Łódź and in the tram tunnel to Franowo in Poznań).

The task of every catenary system is to supply power to railway vehicles. Regardless of their type, it comprises overhead catenary and a traction return path. This way a circuit is created, and electricity passes through it. Of course the circuit would not appear if it had not been for the locomotive that receives power and connects two poles. The positive pole (+) is led to the catenary, and the negative pole (-) to the tracks. Electricity flows from the catenary substation through a positive pole to the overhead catenary. From there, through pantograph it gets to the electric system of the track vehicle, and from there it gets back through driving wheels to the negative pole of the catenary substation.

Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site