Technical acceptances and tests

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dodano: 2016-09-01

Technical acceptances and tests

On the 1st of September 2016 technical acceptances commenced at the construction site of the new Łódź Fabryczna station. The first tests of railway devices in the underground station were performed by PKP PLK in August already.

 On the 31st of August 2016 an annex to the agreement for design and execution of construction works included in the project “New Łódź Fabryczna” was signed. According to this annex, the date of works completion is extended to the 31st of December 2017, but it has been settled that the underground part of the station and road junction will be handed over for railway traffic in December 2016.

The date of 31st of December 2017 is a result of formal issues pertaining to acquiring an operation permit and its handover to the Client.

In August at the Łódź Fabryczna station all major works and all works in the railway scope were finished.  Construction of 4 platforms was completed. In the tunnel and next to the platforms 12 km of tracks were laid. 18 turnouts are ready and will enable a proper operation of arrivals and departures from the station. Railway traffic control devices, responsible for secure transport management, were installed. Catenary was hung over the tracks on special structures.

PLK commenced the first tests of railway systems in August already. The procedure of tests and handovers includes scope of railway traffic control devices, railway road, energetics as well as electric, telecommunication and water installations and devices.

Tests of devices and systems securing safety of the building comprise, among others, ventilation system of circa 41 thousand m2 of ducts which guarantees the travelers safe and comfortable service. There are 5 plant rooms in the building, which, depending on weather conditions, will ensure proper air temperature. Ventilation and moving panels in the roof will be controlled by the automatic system of building control.

Expert services such as National Fire Service will participate in the acceptances. Several dozens of devices from the scope of traveler service, such as elevators and escalators, will be tested. Voice Alarm System will be tested as well. The system ensures coordination of information sent to the people in the area of the station building and the platform – broadcasting of independent messages in case of extraordinary circumstances, such as fire hazard.

When the tests of all devices, systems and installations are completed, the contractor will finish installation of wall and ceiling panels inside the building and clean up the area around the station.

Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site