New net of tram and bus connections

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dodano: 2016-05-10

New net of tram and bus connections

Investments as multifunctional as Łódź Fabryczna Station generate a new network of connections in public transport. A net of tram and bus connections is being created along with the project, one which will allow the passenger to access the building quickly and will ease changing the means of transport. Construction of an infrastructure for that purpose is in progress. Its main elements are streets (Nowowęglowa and Nowotargowa with a system of ramps and overpasses), as well as tram trackages. A transfer node (stop) located on the level of POW St. will be of significance as well. There will be four 65-meter platforms for trams and buses. Two trams will be able to stop at one such platform, one after another. The platforms will be roofed with 30-meter canopy. The stop, just like whole Station, will be accessible for the disabled persons (there will be, among others, edge markings and access paths). The stop will be equipped with an electronic system of schedule information. Tram network will be connecting the streets: Kilińskiego, POW, Narutowicza, Nowowęglowa, Nowotargowa, and Tramwajowa.

Access to the stops from the building at level 0 will be provided by exits in the northern facade, while from the station for regional buses at midlevel (-1) – escalators and elevators. Access to the southern part of the object will be possible thanks to passages cutting the building through, harmonized with the urban compositional-spatial unity of the area. According to the city planners, the stop will be in second place in terms of biggest flows of passengers, right after the recently built transfer node at W‑Z route.

Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site