Murals inside the Station

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dodano: 2016-11-02

Murals inside the Station

Modern systems of visual information, sound system and other systems at Łódź Fabryczna Station are tested and accepted right now. Colorful murals are painted in the building.

On Thursday, the 20th of October, the journalists visited the Station. They heard sound trial announcement of a train, used escalators and travellators to go down, and for the first time saw colorful murals being painted in the waiting rooms.

The designers responsible for interior design decided to liven up the minimalist form of the building interior with murals. Four of them are created by an illustrator and a graduate of Fine Arts Department at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Katarzyna Bogucka. The author of a mural in the VIP waiting room is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and a graphic designer, Beata Szczecińska.

Diverse characters appear in the murals, including artists, businessmen, the elders, students. I wanted to show with at station already that Łódź is a city where you not only drop by, but where you can live well,” Katarzyna Bogucka explains her work.

Murals include also headlines – greetings, such as “Good morning, because in Łódź” and “Have a nice day”.

The audiovisual information system tested on Thursday includes megaphones, LCD screens and typical information boards with timetables and direction markings. A visible passenger information is guaranteed by 56 highlighted electronic boards. 24 of them are located at platforms and additionally equipped with clocks. The passengers at the station will also find useful 14 LCD screens that will show information regarding departures and arrivals of the trains.

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