Harmony in geometry

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dodano: 2016-08-09

Harmony in geometry

The internal architecture of the station is industrial and minimalist. It is made mostly of steel, stone and glass. Geometric shapes, mostly triangles, are a characteristic decorative element in the building and in its vicinity. They are used, among others, for particular construction elements, perforation or graphic design at suspended ceilings, at wall panels, platform roofs, and as an infill of meshed balustrades at footbridges on the southern side of the building. As a result, there is a continuity in the design of the building, as its roof is enclosed with 10 000 triangular panels. Simple geometric patterns are visible in many areas of the building, not only as decorative elements, but as constructional ones as well. Regular shapes and patterns create order of the space and give it organized and comprehensible quality. The architects used geometric themes inspired by cross structure of the roof to mark walls in the staircases at the level of car parks – each level of car park is marked with colorful triangular themes pointing to the exits. In the panoramic elevator graphic elements referencing industrial history of Łódź Fabryczna Station and the history of the place where the new building is located are visible – pictograms of cogs, and “Łódź Fabryczna” printed with a font that is modern, but referencing the look a neon at the old station had.

We invite you to see pictures showing the geometry at the station. Please, click here:  http://www.nlf-b2.pl/zdjecia/GEOMETRIA--CZYLI-HARMONIA



Take a look at movies from the construction-site

Take a look at photos from the construction-site